Virgo horoscope january 27 2019

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  2. Areas of Expansion in 2019 for Virgo:
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  4. 2019 Virgo Horoscope Preview

In March , it finishes for good! The best news about this is that, from March forward and until , Uranus is in supportive, positive aspect to your sign.

Until March 6th , your intimate life and support systems from others are stimulated and opened in a continued theme. These areas of life can be the wildcard area of life, but also highly stimulating and innovative.

Virgo Horoscope Preview

You may be far more experimental when it comes to opening yourself up on sexual and intimate levels. You have been learning a lesson in detachment during this cycle — sudden changes in the support you receive from others may have forced you to become more independent financially or you may have chosen to cut off certain ties that have changed the way you approach the world.

Prepare yourself for fluctuations by settling as many debts as you can. Watch for gambling or risk-taking with money and a partner who may be doing the same. Watch your heart as well, as there can be some problems with intimate partners who can come and go and leave your head spinning.

You may be attracting people who have different ideas about the intimacy of your relationship than you do, or you may be consciously isolating yourself perhaps due to a fear of becoming too attached.

Otherwise, this can be a powerful period for exploring a new way of approaching your attachments. You can feel a strong need to free yourself from problems related to money or intimate relationships.

You experience a spiritual awakening of sorts. Travel opportunities may arise. Life experiences are unpredictable and exciting.

Areas of Expansion in 2019 for Virgo:

You are embracing change and easily incorporate changes into your personality. Note that this influence is now consistently with you for many years ahead until April Love affairs can bring intense personal transformations again this year and beyond.

This is a long-term influence that has already been present in your life for years and will be with you for many years to come.

You may be meeting people who turn you inside out, and through experiences with them, you learn more about your own power over your life. While experience is good — it builds character — protect your heart and your body by employing some caution with new people in your life.

Of course, there can be some periods of friction involved with this evolution, and in , this may be particularly so in April , when there can be sudden events or circumstances that change the direction of, or put a strain on, your love life.

There may be strong pulls towards friendships, groups, the community, or causes and equally compelling draws towards fun or romantic avenues. The North Node spends the year in your sector of friends, groups, community, and happiness goals.

These areas of life will be the source of much joy and interest as you are challenged to make improvements here.


Eclipses reinforce this theme. This is a time for exploring your need to connect with a cause, group, or your community.

One of the major keys to happiness this year is learning to team up with others successfully instead of going it alone or pushing too hard to stand out as unique.

Your Planetary Ruler in Mercury, your ruler, travels quickly through the signs, covering a lot of ground in any given year.

When Mercury is direct and in your own sign, more power to you. In , this occurs from August 29 to September Click for Yearly Forecast Specials.

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Virgo Horoscope 2019

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Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Virgo is one of the most industrious of all the signs. You can accomplish more in a day than most people can in a week.

Your sharp, analytical mind is what others notice first about you. Your command of language is impressive, and many Virgos have successful careers throughout the communications fields or in support of those fields.

2019 Virgo Horoscope Preview

Long ago, you decided that you had to be the best at what you do for a living—and you are. Being organized and doing the proper preparation at the start is a big part of your secret to success.

Virgo may live in her mind, but she never forgets that she has a body to care for, too. You read all of the latest health news and bulletins, and you are dedicated to working out regularly, so you are likely lithe and toned.

You are also a perfectionist.

You are always chic and up to date. The time period between September and December will give you a lot of opportunities to grow and learn, as per your Virgo horoscope, but there are other things that may try to pull you down and make you dissatisfied. Financial hurdles is one of the issues that you are likely to face on a personal level.

A lot of students may face problems with their studies, where they either may not be able to score well, in spite of working hard or, concentrate efficiently while studying. On the professional front, work will keep you a lot busier than usual, between the 23rd of March till the year end.

You may feel spiritually inclined because of the effect of Ketu in the Sagittarius sign. Also, have good control over your temper as it will effect you negatively and taking very good care of your health between May till July is also necessary, according to the prediction in your Virgo horoscope Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.

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