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As a partner, you are very loyal, caring, and protective, and you value close partnerships greatly. You are extremely giving, and this is second nature to you. You are also a strong negotiator, able to perform a balancing act when necessary. Famous people born today: The Sun in a waxing sextile to the Moon in your Solar Return chart has a fortunate influence on your year ahead.

You can be especially productive this year, as in many ways you are starting fresh, but you have a rather clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Your inner needs tend to be mirrored by external events, and vice versa, which helps to boost your confidence and happiness levels.

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  • January 2 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope.

You more readily accept that challenges are part of the natural cycle in life, which in turn helps you to meet them with confidence and to worry less. You are likely to be on top of your game this year for the most part, and positive connections with others can be made fairly easily.

A comfortable level of personal popularity helps keep conflict to a minimum. With the ability to handle your emotions successfully, there will be less stress on both your mind and body.

Neptune continues to transit in harmony with your Sun this year.

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  7. A higher purpose to your life is what you seek, and you rely more heavily upon your intuition in order to achieve it. This aspect softens your disposition somewhat, as you tune into your imaginative and artistic side.

    This is a good year for self-improvement programs or efforts.

    Sabian Symbol

    A more sensitive, even mysterious, persona is projected this year, and this can attract pleasantly unusual circumstances and people into your life. You will want to reserve time alone, away from the hectic pace of life, for reflection and meditation. Career and life path matters may seem to magically fall into place, taking you in a direction that fits.

    The period ahead favors dancing, swimming, photography, arts, and entertainment.

    January 2 Birthday Horoscope

    If you are an artist, this could be an especially inspired, imaginative, and productive year. Pay attention to your gut feelings, which will, more often than not, give you valuable information. This can be a year in which you are building faith and confidence in your personality, skills, and talents.

    You can experience a stronger desire to seek out meaning, wisdom, and mental stimulation in your life during this period. Others might frequently turn to you for guidance. This can be a powerful year for friendships. You are especially concerned with being fair to one another in your relationships.

    You seek out balance and peace, and the platonic elements of a relationship may be emphasized now with great success. The danger is that they can overburden themselves with huge responsibilities and this, coupled with their belief that they are different in some way, can set them up to experience frustration and alienation from others.

    Even though they are often more than capable of fulfilling their responsibilities it is extremely important for them to keep both their feet on the ground with hobbies, social activities and time spent relaxing with family and friends. January 2 Zodiac people know that love holds mystery and magic.

    They want to be carried away by passion but it also scares them, meaning that they can come across as indecisive and uncommitted. Once in a relationship they can be passionate lovers but their generous and loyal nature can mean that they stay for too long in relationships that are not going anywhere.

    What they need is someone who shares their sensitivity, their goals and their strong sense of purpose. People born on this day tend to suffer from problems, such as stress, anxiety and fatigue, that are created either by an unhealthy, hectic lifestyle that allows little time for fun and relaxation or by chronic worrying and indecisiveness.

    Leisure activities that bring out the child in them such as roller skating, finger painting, rock climbing or dancing can help those born on this day escape from their introspection. They also need to take special care of their teeth, gums, hair, skin and bones, especially in the legs, by eating a healthy diet rich in nutritious fruits and vegetables.

    If stress is a constant part of their life, they should try to burn a chamomile-, lavender-or sandalwood-scented candle. These produce a calming effect. You have to remember that in many cases, we are bound by our expectations and assumptions. They shape our reality. Otherwise, life can become unnecessarily hard and the worst part of all this is that we chose this level of discomfort.

    January 2 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

    You are able to handle even the most formidable tasks. Even an intimidating role is not a problem for you, because you know that where your focus goes, your energy and attention flows.

    Birthday Personality of the intuitive leader

    People born on the 2nd of January always need to keep in mind that we live in a world we cannot create. Unfortunately, you can develop tunnel vision that you end up being stuck in jobs and relationships that have long gone past the point of diminishing returns. Now with that said, January 2 Capricorns tend to work really hard and they tend to have high standards as far as their standard of living should be.

    January 2 Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

    Not surprisingly, they view things in generally materialist terms. Keep in mind that your main focus should be material accomplishments, not seeming like somebody with no accomplishments. Unfortunately, one vice many Capricorns born on the 2nd of January indulge in is to take shortcuts as far as status symbols go.

    This is not a mistake. Keep in mind that while being stable and being well-grounded in reality are good things, if you take things to their logical extreme, it can be a form of addiction and mental oppression.

    Do yourself a big favor and let your hair down once in a while. Understand that not everybody shares your values and you should be perfectly okay with that.

    Allow it to flow and allow yourself to be more spontaneous once in a while. This enables you to truly live an abundant life.