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December eases you forward, and January is set to excite and encourage you further.

Gemini Moon Sign Daily/Today Horoscope Friday, 28th December, 2018

December features some very supportive influences for your practical affairs and partnerships. Mars brings extra muscle and motivation to your career, image, status, and responsibilities up until the last day of the month and the year ! You are more ambitious than usual and focused on accomplishing something important to you. You're not in any mood to be told what to do, preferring to lead the way yourself or to set your own pace.

You're enterprising and innovative. Your ruler, Mercury, turns direct on the 6th.

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December is no exception. The chances of smoothing over a disagreement or attracting the support you need are high. Relationships and negotiations are in focus for you with the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter moving through your opposite sign.

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You're working on making your connections stronger and happier, and you have cosmic support for this task. Even with some backtracking, you're coming out ahead. In the first week of the month, you can experience some tension as your career or long-term goals may seem to clash with a partner or your relationship goals.

This kind of strain is ongoing although on-and-off for you, but with Mars in your career section all month, these theme is aggravated in spots in December.


Clearing the air may be necessary. With Mars at the top of your solar chart, you can be especially dynamic and creative with business, career, and life plans this month. Your work is taking a more creative direction in general, but this month you are revving up in this regard, readier than usual to put your plans into motion or to push things along.

It certainly helps that you have boosted charisma at work with Venus moving through your work and health sector all month. Your ambitions are certainly stimulated, and you can be in the position of being in charge and at the lead of things.

While much of your December astrology points to improving partnerships and a focus on companionship, this seemingly contradictory Mars trend is an independent one, and it's about career, life path matters, and your relationship with people in authority.

Ambition and the desire for recognition of your performance can be stimulated for many of you, and for others, there can be a sudden surge of motivation and energy for coming up with a workable, results-oriented life plan.

You may want to go it alone on some level - to take the initiative and the lead.

Gemini Horoscope - Gemini Yearly Horoscope for 2018 In Hindi

Follow your ambitions, but be as considerate as possible to those around you, particularly around the and Avoid pushing yourself to the point of burn out.

Be innovative but patient as well for best results.

Daily/Today Horoscope by Moon Sign

You'll find opportunities to advance your goals are with you most strongly around the and Virtually all month from the 2nd forward , smoothing over problem areas at work or with your daily routines comes naturally and easily.

There may be social or love opportunities emerging as you pursue your work or health goals. Combining your resources with a trusted someone can work to your benefit. The New Moon on the 7th brings new energy for forming a partnership or improving one.

Gemini Horoscope Today -

It's also strong for seeing yourself through others' eyes, taking steps to strengthen your connections with others, and finding ways to bring more balance and harmony to your life in general. From the 12th forward and particularly around the is a perhaps an even stronger period for attracting helpful people into your life.

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Daily, weekly and monthly reports available. Blessed with the gift of the gab, Gemini, you wield the sword of communication so well that your enemies are left reeling under the impact of your witty use of words and as far as your friends are concerned, they often wis To be born with a "Kapoor" surname gives you the instant right to be a star in the Bollywood fraternity!

And if you add to that some gorgeous looks,. Venus transits are always something which you should look up to unless you have decided to give up all worldly pleasures and live off in the high mountains or forests.

One of the most eligible bachelors in the Bollywood industry, inspite of being on the wrong side of 50, Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, aka Sallu bhai, has to his credit a very wel Legend says that Mercury is the offspring of Moon and Jupiter and hence has both of their characteristics.

What a combination it is, and with its frequent transits Mercury may impa When it comes to sheer energy and vigour, you know where to look up to. The fiery red spirit of Mars is evident among the other eight planets.

Undoubtedly the red planet is the mos Gemini Daily Horoscope Fri, Dec 28, Gemini Personality Gemini are full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Gemini Professional You possess the mind of a genius, quick and restless which can easily ad Read More You may have to wait for getting the desired position in your wor Your business may seem dull this month.

Give special importance to the projects you have in hand. Your professional nature shall prove your worthiness this month. You would get multiple assignments, which may Your physical health would generally be good this month and there would not be health related issues. Gemini Student and Education: You would adjust yourself to the existing situation perfectly.

Your multitasking nature can help you to finish The year appears to be flexible and promising, especially for the first half of the year due to the prese Gemini Career and Business: Jupiter in the 5th house from the Moon sign will make you engage in business activities with booming trends.

You can expect some dwindling fortunes in romance relationship during the first half of the year due to You will be comfortably placed monetarily owing to the beneficial position of Jupiter and Saturn. Gemini Education and Student: Students will keep themselves in a comfortable position for the whole of the year when compared to the pr