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Libras err on the side of calm and quiet, opting to be in a peaceful setting rather than disturb the world around them with the curiosity that fuels Aries. Because of this, it may take a bit of time to find the right balance but rest assured that once you do, it'll be smooth sailing.

Aries kids will draw out the intrigue in Libra parents as they constantly ask questions about the things around them and have a burning desire to explore and learn everything about the world. Traditionally, Libras strive to maintain a balance in their own personal lives by being partially guarded in an effort to maintain their independence and protect the things they love to do.

Having a child born under Aries will encourage you to break out of your shell since you'll be busy chasing them around and helping them learn, while your equilibrium in life will bring stability and security to your child.

This is something that Aries desperately needs as they navigate their lives and don't necessarily pay attention to boundaries, and that's something your child can learn from you. When they've learned their own balance, the two of you will have an exciting and meaningful existence together as you learn from each other, but don't be surprised when your child becomes a professional stunt double.

From the outside, this combination seems nearly catastrophic. In reality, when done correctly, the lives of both a Leo parent and Gemini child can become a beautiful mutual relationship. With the stronger personality of Leo being on the parenting end, your Gemini child will constantly be fascinated by the way you live your life and how you interact and go about things so bravely.

As a Gemini, your child will be a silent thinker and much quieter than you, which may make for some rough patches but they'll quickly be smoothed over. Gemini is known for its unparalleled intelligence which will cause your first instinct to be controlling their organization and way of life, but this is where you'll need to have patience.

Gemini will move along at a slower pace as they take the time to figure things out, including their own life, but as a Leo parent, you need to remain close by to guide them and encourage their hopes and dreams.

You can't keep your child from making mistakes, Leo parent, so don't even try -- instead, let them stumble on their own because as Geminis, they'll learn how to get back up and choose the smarter path.

Aries Mother

Taurus will make for a loyal and confident baby. Similar to Leo children while not as headstrong, a Taurus child has much in common with its Virgo parent.

Both of these signs are naturally guarded and skeptical of new things, which will bring comfort to the aspect of trying new things together. Both of these earth signs will find an easy time going about new experiences with their traditionally grounded and sensitive nature and family is at the core of everything they do. You'll discover that you both have a fierce loyalty to family and are protective of the bonds you've created, and this is especially strong amongst Taurus with their bull-like nature.

This makes for a long-lasting and genuinely tried and true lifetime relationship that will make the two of you not only parent and child but best friends and confidants as well. With such a surefire pairing be cautious to not fall too into a routine like what Virgos are known for, and instead vow to try new things or engage in a fun activity at least once a week that the two of you have never done before.

Since you both have somewhat of a critical and skeptical nature, this will be made easier as you take comfort in each other and discuss the best course of action. This match is a doozy. Simply because opposites often attract doesn't mean they always work and this is one combination that can prove to be volatile.

Leo is a strong fire sign who is confident and bold, while Scorpio is a water sign with an inclination to be stubborn and protective of themselves. The two of you will love each other and have something that seems unbreakable, but as far as getting along goes, patience and willpower will be tested on both ends.

12 Mom-Baby Zodiac Combos That Are A Perfect Match (And 12 That Might Be Trouble)

Scorpio will be untrusting of anything new and different from what they know, while Leo parents will try and encourage change and growth at every turn. This may turn into a significant difference in beliefs while pushing the two opposite signs apart.

You are both strong but Scorpio also wants to be independently strong, which can really wear out a Leo parent as they try and do what they think is best and consistently meet resistance. Leo parents should know that the best thing they can do is use their outgoing and confident nature to help their Scorpio children find ways to forget about protecting themselves for awhile, whether it's as simple as going to the park or visiting a museum.

A Scorpio's first inclination is going to be to build a wall, and it's up to a Leo parent to find a way over and keep from being shut out. The combination of Capricorn and Gemini is almost hilariously muddled. You two are complete opposites and since Capricorn is an earth sign while Gemini is an air sign, the pairing could go either way.

Natural instincts tell you that Capricorn is grounded and stable, while Gemini is intuitive and naturally intrigued by everything. This makes for some frustrating parenting but not impossible. It will take a lot of understanding on a Capricorn parent's end to get a feel for what makes your Gemini child tick since they're fascinated by all things intellectual but has no direct path or organization to their learning.

As an earth sign parent, you are anal and routine, and stick to well-thought-out plans and going by the book.

Gemini kids will ponder and think of absolutely everything which may drive level-headed Capricorn parents crazy while they watch their kids with their heads in the sky.

What's important to remember is this: There's a time for inserting control and a time for letting go. Let your child conduct their experiments and foster their inquisitive nature by holding on loosely and when they begin to trek too far off, that's when you can use your stern Capricorn nature to bring them back to reality.

These two signs spell trouble only in the sense that they go about things in such a different way. Your personalities are complete opposites which will require a lot of work on both ends to reign in traits that come naturally to you.

Pisces is a fluid water sign and not easily bothered by change or unpredictability, and since they're so intuitive and in-tune with those around them, it makes adapting to change much easier. Taurus is an earth sign who is skeptical by nature and stubborn as all get out, and because of this, they can lead with impulsive actions while hating the change that comes about.

Pisces parents will need to be strong-willed and less "go with the flow" than they normally are to bring in Taurus's strong-willed nature and need to remain in their comfort zone. It will be your job as a parent to gently ease your Taurus child into new situations and break free of the mold they fit themselves into, and while it's easier said than done, your child will appreciate the effort you put in to guide them and help them foster a love for life that doesn't constantly include criticism and analyzing.

Oh boy, Leo children are certainly a handful. For water sign Aquarius, parenting them can prove to be a challenge. You are quiet and thoughtful and would rather spend your time in a quiet room with a mentally-stimulating book, while your child is off in the other room wrecking their toys and itching to explore the outside world.

Leo children can be misunderstood because of their strong nature and are truly just adventurous and love to make discoveries and spice up their lives. Because of this desire, Aquarius parents will need to learn how to keep up if they want to be super involved in their child's lives.

Your child will prove to be determined and at times make you somewhat uncomfortable with the fire that's lit within them, but fear not Aquarius parents -- it takes water to lessen a flame. As their parent you'll need to set ground rules and enforce them so that a Leo child knows boundaries, otherwise, it's likely that their heated personality will easily overcome your steadfast and humble nature.

The parenting pair is not impossible, but it will definitely take more effort on your end to set your tiny Leo on the right path and subdue their roar to an audible rumble.

If you were looking for signs that are complete opposites, you couldn't get any more polar than with these two. Sagittarius is a fire sign to Virgo's quiet and shy earth-like nature, and the two of you together can be quite the test. Your child will be in their own routine which will, of course, be in their comfort zone, and this may be frustrating to a brave and welcoming Sagittarius parent who lives for all things new and exciting.

If no effort is put forth to help your child out of their self-created world of comfort, then they'll continue this behavior into adulthood and potentially drift apart from you.

It's up to you, fire sign parent, to help them break the mold and gently encourage them to look past what they know and try new things. At a young age, this will be just enough to possibly make them comfortable doing new things as an adult and seeing new places. Virgo kids need your help to foster and love the things they normally would never try or do.

Both Virgo and Aries have the potential for greatness.

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This is because Virgo is careful and cautious by nature which leads to perfection, while Aries is courageous and takes the risk no matter the cost. Both of you can easily get on each other's nerves without an understanding of the others' sign but it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. This is a classic case of a parent needing to step back and learn from their child.

The Most Difficult Zodiac Sign Children To Raise

Aries is the counterbalance to Virgo's tempered and thought-out nature and as such can become a valuable tool in teaching Virgo parents how to break out of their shell and do exciting activities or explore with their children. If Virgo parents can foster the explorative nature of their Aries babies while still maintaining a balance of safety and caution that doesn't drive Aries too overboard, then this will turn into a well-paired match.

If your child's impulsive and quick nature is too much for you to handle then this zodiac combo spells disaster for the both of you.

The one thing you two will have in common is the love and bond between child and parent, and that will keep you connected as you learn how to navigate both sign's qualities and traits and learn how to fit them together. These signs are a tough pairing just based on how intellectually complicated the two of you are. As adults, your relationship will be solid and genuine as you find common ground and interests that both of you enjoy.

In the growing up years, however, things prove to be a bit more difficult and not nearly as simple. For starters, you're both intellectual and smart. This bodes well as your child gets older and begins to understand the world around them and is anxious to learn more because as a thoughtful and intelligent Aquarius you'll be able to help them with this feat.

The problem arises when intellect only goes so far and the two of you are found lacking in the emotional capability department, with Libra leading the downward trend. Libra's connection to you leans towards vague and ambiguous as they begin to lose understanding in the bond the two of you have if it's simply just based on books and knowledge.

You, as the Aquarius, can use that intuitive aspect of your water sign to reign little Libra in and distract them from this in-between limbo and remind them how much you love them, with or without a high IQ. All fire sign children are going to be a ball of energy and tough to direct.


This makes them a formidable opponent for any parent, especially one of an earth element-sign since they're so grounded and practical. To a Capricorn parent, and Aries child can seem like handful with their pension for tenacity and need to be insanely active at all times.

Initially, this can be off-putting to you but stepping back and observing your Aries child will be the key to unlocking and successful and fulfilling relationship with them. Your child will be the opposite of you in the sense that they'll love all the things that you may not or may have been too uneasy to try.

Fear isn't a quality that little Aries exhibits and they're going to need this freedom to explore who they are as they slowly begin to learn the world around them. This may spell out crisis to a Capricorn parent who derives normalcy from their routine and having every aspect of their life planned to a T and in order, but this is a great chance to live vicariously through your child's excitement about life.

Sure they'll make mistakes, but that's when careful Capricorn can lead them the right way and help them find a sense of stability amidst self-created chaos.

The twins and a scorpion definitely don't sound like a likely match, and this is evident in their star signs. The match isn't a complete disaster, but the two of you are different enough to cause some eyebrow-raising.

Gemini is a slow and deliberate thinker who sees learning as the epitome of life. Scorpio has a classic case of being stubborn and deliberate, and sometimes the two of you can clash simply because your personalities aren't a great matchup. Scorpio is truly fearless and because of this tends to scare you in the sense that they can't be controlled, but instead you should look at it as a positive quality that you can use to teach your child how important it is to slow down sometimes.

They're a thousand miles a minute in true Scorpio nature and sometimes it will prove difficult to get through to them since they're built so well for adapting to every scenario, but as an intellectual Gemini, this gives you the edge to educate them and bring them in using your mindfulness.

They'll eventually learn from you and pick up on the qualities you have, and hopefully be able to incorporate that into their fierce path to success. Capricorn children need constant encouragement in case their endeavors fail.

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  • Since they are so analytical and take so much pride in their careful and meticulous work, they need parents who will be there at the end rather than being overly involved in the beginning and during the middle of their ventures.

    Capricorns like to figure things out on their own with their high intellect, and Leo parents will, upon first instinct, want to get involved and jazz things up for uber-particular Capricorns.

    It's difficult to let your child learn on their own but don't fret, that's what Capricorns do best. The most important thing is that Leo parents use their strong personalities to swoop in and pick up their child if something they attempt does fail because it will be positively devasting to a Capricorn.

    They'll derive their confidence from completing their own experiments and trials, but they'll need you as a strong influence to constantly stand by the sidelines and cheer them on.

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