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Should you join that death metal bluegrass band? Check in every week with Margaret Santangelo's Rock Stars column.

Russell Walter Chavarria

As spring gets under way, this is the time to sow seeds for maximum yields later in the year. The power to manifest whatever you desire is especially high this week, with the moon is waxing in the signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. These Sun signs will be the most inspired to turn over a new leaf and embark on completely new endeavors that more fully express their innermost desires.

Mercury and Mars are still retrograde, indicating that communication and motivation may still be problematic, especially for Pisces and Virgo Sun. The Sun and Uranus are close to one another in early degrees of Aries, the sign of motivation, indicating that everyone has the ability to make major life changes most successfully by ridding themselves of outmoded conditioning and programming.

Susan Miller Monthly Horoscope Background

The unpredictable and sometimes destructive Uranian influence can be challenging, however, especially for those who are resistant to change. For those who are open to these energies, however, this week will bring encouragement, illumination and creative inspiration to break the mold and do something completely original and unprecedented.

With the Sun and Uranus aligned in your sign, Aries, this is the week to socialize and make new contacts. As Mercury continues to retrograde through Pisces, your deepest emotions are called to the surface and demand a reckoning.

If you confront and process these feelings now, you will be better able to deal with the potentially disruptive influence of Uranus.

Most cosmo girl inner horoscope

Streamline your schedule in order to make more time loved ones. This week you will have great success exorcising negative energy that has been holding you back from progress with a creative project.

This week you should confront a band mate, friend, or colleague about something that has been troubling you and clear the air once and for all. If you continue to keep things bottled up inside, this tension could explode in unexpected and potentially dangerous ways.

Aries 2019 Yearly Horoscope - Gregory Scott Astrology

This week you will be more outgoing than you have been for months. You have been all business lately, and now that professional matters are finally settled, you can socialize without guilt tripping yourself. The moon enters your Sun sign on Tuesday, marking you power period for this month during which time you can accomplish tasks related not only to the external world such as your career but also personal goals such as overhauling and cleaning out your studio space or office once and for all.

Aries represents the beginning of all things because it is at the beginning of the astrological chart. Taurus April 20 - May 20 The symbol is the bull, which signifies its stubborn nature. Gemini May 21 - June 20 The symbol is a mythological set of twins, which describes its dual nature.

Cancer June 21 - July 22 The symbol is the crab, which describes the sign's protective and defensive qualities. Leo July 23 - Aug. It is the only astrological sign with two symbols.

Horoscope Test -

Pisces represents the end of all things because it is at the end of the astrological chart. If so, they are in good historical company. Alexander the Great and Galileo both took heed of the stars.

Some say it began in Egypt. Whatever its origins, the study is an important tool for life, astrologers say. For example, five U. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.

A Forbes magazine study found that more billionaires were Virgos than any other sign. Miller said that Pisces had been the dominant billionaire sign until a few years ago. Unfortunately for Geminis, Miller said, they are the most accident-prone sign.

Trump threatens to 'close Southern Border' if Dems don't fund border wall. College student allegedly tried to flee the US after poisoning roommate, police say.

cosmo girl inner horoscope

Relatives of the Guatemalan boy who died in CBP custody speak out. Furious Iraqi lawmakers demand US troop withdrawal.

US stocks end higher after roller coaster trading session.

US troop withdrawal from Syria could take several months. Negotiations to end partial government shutdown at a standstill. Air travel delays continue during holiday rush.

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Seoul says personal info of 1, NKorean defectors stolen. Boy, 12, survives avalanche that buried him for 40 minutes. Skipping breakfast even once a week might increase risk of diabetes.

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